P1 En Recycling Bins

In P1En during one of our Ethics lessons we discussed this question,‘’how can we show respect and take care of our own property?’’ We talked about how we can take care of our own personal rubbish e.g.,our snack time waste and to make sure that we recycle what we can in order to help the environment. 

As a class we looked closely at the current labels on some of our bins in our classroom, here were the original images 

We talked about how some of the items were useful e.g.,apple core, banana skin etc…but many of the items on these images were not relevant to the items that we would put into our classroom bin e.g.,a vase, fish bones etc…

The children commented that some of the images were ‘confusing. Next, we listened to and discussed a helpful story together about recycling on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Once we had lots of great ideas about what items that we need to recycle daily, we started to create our own designs and images to make our classroom bins more helpful, relevant and useful:

Once these designs were finally completed then the items were cut out (and laminated by a teacher so that they will last longer), they were then positioned onto the existing bins and covered over the old images. 

Here are the final results: