Parents Sustainability Group in Varese and Across the EU Schools with Interparents

We have a small group of dedicated voluteers, and a network of around 10 supporters who regularly get together to discuss and plan actions. We worked with a CSR professional in 2020 to create a strategic approch to Sustainability for our school, called “Building the Future we Want”. Parents have always been a part of the stakeholder governance of our schools, and will be part of a whole-stakeholder Sustainability committee from September 2023. We work as closely as possible with teachers and pupils in the meantime, to amplify the students voices and help build the future that they want to grow up in.

A parent from Varese started a system-wide network of Parents who care about embedding Sustainability into our buildings and grounds, classrooms and homes. We hold monthly online meetings, and Varese currently leads the Interparents working group on Education for Sustainable Devleopment (ESD). This is a sytem-wide working group making European School policy on ESD.